Four Basic Types of Shades for your Bedroom

Unless you are living in a remote area, it is necessary to have some forms of window treatment to block early sunlight and ensure the privacy of your bedroom at night. Also, window coverings can be a simple way to add decoration to a room. While there are many forms of window treatments, shades are the most basic ones which are available in different materials, styles, patterns, and colors. add some style to a room. To help you make the right choice for your bedroom, we’ve compiled this list of top 4 most popular Hunter Douglas shades, along with their features.

1. Roller shades

This is the simplest kind of shade installed on windows. You can find any white and plain plastic ones at any home improvement shop at affordable prices. Roller shades can fit inside a window casement and work with a pulley-type system which helps roll it down and up by pulling the cord or snapping the wrist.
More expensive roller shades typically come with a lift mechanism that requires no cord. In addition to plastic, there is a variety of stylish materials such as fabrics, burlap, and bamboo. Also, you can further accessorize those units with painted designs, trim, and tassels.

2. Balloon shades

This type of shade has cords running along its back rings. When you pull it open, the fabric will gather into the cascades of poufs, thus providing an old-fashioned, formal, and romantic look. Balloon shades are available in different fabrics, from sheer, heavy, to line. However, they are typically made from silky or sheer materials which drape easily and gracefully.
Balloon shades aren’t the right option for every decorating style. Depending on the chosen, it can work well with different themes, such as Tuscan, cottage, Hollywood glamour, or French country. You should be careful because they can look very dated if you install them in the wrong space or with the wrong patterns or colors.

3. Tie-up shades

Also known as stagecoach-style shade, this style is typically fabric which hangs flat from a mounting board or rod. However, you can manually lift the shades to the necessary height and keep them open with attached ties or ribbons rather than using cords. This gives them a graceful drape across the bottom.
Tie-up shades are simple DIY options for anyone who is reasonably handy with their sewing machine. Also, there is a variety of fabric designs and colors available. They are especially ideal for showing off a spacious pattern as most of the fabric is basically visible. This type of shades can fit in many styles, particularly traditional, formal, and glamorous looks.

4. Roman Shades

Resembling a combination between roller shades and balloon shade, this style hangs down flat as it is close, but pull up into horizontal, deep pleats when you lift it with a cord. To get a crisp pleat, Roman shades are often constructed from heavy fabric, though bamboo is also a popular option. This stylish window treatment can work well with any decorating styles as long as select a complementary fabric. There is a variety of pattern and color options available to choose.