Here is everything you need to know about a bunion removal

If you are considering getting a bunion removal, then there are many different things that you need to know about this important procedure. Bunion removals are procedures that need to occur if you have a bunion on your foot. A bunion is a bony bump that will form on your foot. It forms on the joint […]

GGS Structures

A greenhouse is basically a structure wherein transparent material like glass is used in walls and roofs. Such a structure is made this way in order to provide specific climatic conditions to certain plants that require it. The size of the structures is not as relevant as it could be a small shed. It could […]

Welcome to Mountain View Elementary!

   Mountain View Elementary is a private, Seventh-day Adventist Christian School located in Missoula – a city of nearly 70,000 people and nestled in the Northern Rockies of Montana.  We provide a spiritual environment where students in kindergarten through the eighth grade may receive a well-rounded Christian education that develops and perfects their God-given skills and […]